Top 10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators in 2020 – Reviews

If you are concerned about space and compactness of your cabinetry, counter depth refrigerators should have your nod. Due to its size and compact design, the counter depth Refrigerator gives your kitchen an upscale look. You can allow your kitchen to breathe, especially if you are constrained by time, and enjoy the needed freedom to manage your tasks without strains.

Of course, this means you have to settle for smaller storage, but that should be no big price. In return, you enjoy the quality output of this device and the convenience of more kitchen space. Even when you narrow down your requirement to counter depth refrigerators, it is essential to choose only the best ones. There are literally over 50 different options available. That is why; you have to be pretty selective. We will share the top 10 best counter depth refrigerators which you can choose from. With the help of a buying guide, you can make that buying decision between the top 10 Best counter depth refrigerators.

So, if you are ready to enjoy more convenience and up your kitchen in the kitchen, check out our list below. We have carefully selected the best counter depth refrigerators you should own in 2020.

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10. Whirlpool WRS571CIDB 20.6 Cu. Ft. Black Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool WRS571CIDB 20.6 Cu. Ft. Black Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The WRS571CIDB whirlpool measures 36(W) X 68 7/8(H) X 27 1⁄2 (D) inches. It has a capacity of 20.6 cubic-feet and should be okay for many situations. These include the home kitchen, restaurant, catering unit, or hotel. You may also decide to present it as a gift to somebody else. It is built from stainless steel to offer excellent strength and longevity. The material is resistant to warping, dents, stain, rust, and corrosion. The smooth and sleek surface is easy to clean and more resistant to food stains, spills, discoloration, fingerprints, and smudges. This guarantees that the unit retains its beauty and elegance.

The black color looks good in most surroundings whether domestic or commercial. It has a roomy interior to accommodate a good volume and will hold vegetables, fruits, snacks, beverages, and other things well. The cooling is also very good and retains a stable temperature throughout. Depending on the need, you can also change the temperature and shelving. Another nice feature is the adaptive defrost which helps to prevent frost buildup. The shelves comprise of frameless glass and look hygienic and classy. They are also easy to clean and won’t corrode, rust, or get discolored.

9. Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4 25″ 13.4

Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4 25" 13.4 cu. Ft. Left Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator With Glass Shelves ActiveSmart Technology LED Lighting and Humidity Control System in Stainless-Counter Depth Refrigerators

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The counter Depth Refrigerator by Fisher and Paykel offers 135 cu ft capacity 25” freezer for users. It sits perfectly in your cabinets and comes with special technologies to keep your foods fresh and safe.

Design and Quality

– Comes with the Activesmart technology that regulates and keeps the temperature of your fridge at its best always.

– Secured glass shelving design that takes the drips and spills and keeps the device and its content safe

– Power regulation and conservation technology


– Compact size and that easily fits in your cabinetry

– Design such that cleaning is easy and effortless.

– Four adjustable door shelves and two covered ones

– Also has door alarm and egg trays

– Adaptive defrost


Excellent ratings and great feedback from users

8. Kenmore Smart 75043 24 cu. Ft.

Kenmore Smart 75043 24 cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator in Stainless Steel - Compatible with Amazon Alexa, includes delivery and hookup

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Here is a refrigerator that comes with special technology which interacts with and manages your machine from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about overcooling or having the refrigerator doors left open. The freezer can be programmed to interact with your phone and alert you whenever something is out of place.

Design and Quality

– Comes with apps that give you the control of your refrigerator

– You have a linear compressor and dual evaporator that ensure the optimum temperature in the freezer


– Peace of mind since the fridge is easily monitored

– You can ask for choice delivery and free but optional haul-away

– Ample space for water bottles, coffee pots, and other items you want in the refrigerator

7. Kenmore 73025 26.1 Cu. Ft

Kenmore 73025 26.1 Cu. Ft. Non-Dispense French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel with Active Finish, includes delivery and hookup

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This counter depth refrigerator is considered to be very reliable with exceptional performances. It also comes with easy to clean interior and exterior that is well-tempered with glass shelves.

Design and Quality

– Easy to clean interior and exterior designs.

– Has an entirely free and separate cooling zone

– Built-in icemaker


– Extensive storage facilities for different meals and liquids.

– Consistently cold and option internal temperature.

– Compact size that gives you more spaces in the kitchen.


– Excellent review; users’ delight.

6. Summit FFBF191SS Refrigerator, Stainless Steel

Summit FFBF191SS Refrigerator, Stainless Steel

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Here is a counter depth refrigerator that offers a generous 13.3 cu.ft. storage capacity. It also has a platinum cabinet with stainless steel doors complete with professional style handles.

Design and Quality

– Special energy saving technology

– Special digital temperature point t keep the temperature at an optimum point

– Easier access to the refrigerator

– LED lighting system


– Easy placement and cleaning

– Easy access to the machine to clearing and cleaning

– Frost-free points


– It is rated an average product by users.

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5. LG LMXC23746D 36″ Energy Star Freestanding French Door

LG LMXC23746D 36" Energy Star Freestanding French Door Refrigerator with 23 cu.ft. Capacity, in Black Stainless Steel

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This compact counter depth refrigerator comes with an exquisite design. Its three spill protector tempered shelves made of glasses keep clean from mess and odor.

Design and Quality

– Comes with premium stainless steel that gives it elegance and class

– Beautifully contoured doors with solid handles

– LED interior lighting

– Protector tempered glass in three layers

– It also has a fresh air filter


– Access to easy reach bin

– It’s a 3-Tier organization freezer

– Linear compressor for better energy


Excellent design and seamless performances are customers’ core appreciation of the product. A few, however, complained performances.



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This energy conserver counter depth machine is made of stainless steel. With it, you are guaranteed unrestricted access to constant ice for parties and cold drinks.

Design and Quality:

– Comes with an interior water dispenser

– Automated temperature management system

– first-rate LED lighting


– Easy watch

– Automatic ice maker

– Durable stainless parts


Very scanty and unreliable data on review and feedback



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Our #3 counter depth refrigerator comes with a tri-sensor electronic control device. It also features internal water dispenser with a special LED lighting. It’s a great addition to any kitchen.

Design and Quality

– Designed to add value to your kitchen looks

– Has a special temperature sensor that gives optimum climate control.

– It also has a free food and freezer compartments

– Spill technology with adjustable glass shelves

– Special technology to keep internal temperature chill for about 12 hours

– Enjoy free maintenance of the device


– Automatically frost build-up to ensure optimal performance of the refrigerator

– Has an automatic Ice Maker with storage bin


Popular, well appreciated brand but this particular model has a couple of complaints that bother on durability.



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This Samsung counter depth refrigerator/freezer gives you the confidence you require thrive in the kitchen. It’s an elegant and compact device with impressive storage space.

Design and Quality

– Comes with an LED lighting

– Four glass shelves to manage spill liquids

– Two cooling system

– Has an automatic in-door ice maker that filters water from the refrigerator

– Lastly, it comes with an energy saving device.


– Comes with an Ice and Water Dispenser

– There is also a unique snack case in the freezer that provides easy access to frozen items which are of frequent use.


Similar review with the last one



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Here is our #1 best counter depth refrigerator on the list. This Samsung product is made of stainless steel and can be easily cleaned inside out. Like many of the other fridges/freezers on our list, it saves spaces and would make a great addition to your kitchen.

Design and Quality

– It’s a French door refrigerator

– It has tempered glass shelves for spills

– Crystal clear LED lighting


– Comes with 2-gallon door bins

– It also has an automatic filtered Ice Maker

– You can even get an external water filter sold separately.


Besides a couple of complaints about non-durable parts, the device is considered an outstanding one by users.

As civilization, industrialization and urban migration increase, spaces available for domestic use shrink. Instead of getting frustrated, this is a reality that won’t get to go away. The solution: we have to learn to live within available spaces.

The technology behind counter depth refrigerators is driven to address the problem of space while still dealing. Beyond space, they also provide similar or even better results with their exceptional deliverables. Counter depth refrigerators save space, offer outputs and also add elegance to the kitchen.

If you harbor concerns about spaces or have deep affections for luxury, you are on the right track. Our top 10 best counter depth refrigerators are your best bet. Yes, get ready to be spoilt for choices.

We have compiled detailed information about Counter Depth Refrigerator. Are you are in the market in search of a stylish counter depth refrigerator? Then, there are very many on the market. The counter-depth refrigerator is one which will sit at the same depth as the cabinets and counter. This means that it will not stick out beyond them. This enhances looks of the kitchen and assures appliance intrudes on the work spaceless. These refrigerators can have a depth of 30 inches but cannot exceed this depth. All the major manufacturers do provide counter-depth refrigerators, and they do come in a wide variety of finishes. Some of them does require custom panels that allow you to match the refrigerator cabinetry.

What Is The Counter Depth Refrigerator?

Counter Depth Refrigerator

In this article, we shall discuss in details About Counter Depth Refrigerator. A counter-depth refrigerator has been designed to offer capacity that is comparable to the traditional standard depth refrigerator. Also, to be able to sit virtually flush with the kitchen counters. The ‘counter-depth’ is the distance that is between the back wall or even the backsplash and front of the countertops. This is usually 24 to 25 inches. To be able to put this into perspective, the majority of the standard depth refrigerators are usually over 30 inches deep. Often having measurements of 35-36 inches. This does mean that in many kitchens, the refrigerator is going to stick out half a foot or even more from the edge of counters. With all the associated foot traffic, it is essential to utilize every space that is available.

What is nice about the counter depth fridge is that it offers a seamless design solution. Even if you do not need extra space for the floor traffic, you can also be able to enjoy the sleek look of the counter-depth refrigerator. Since such refrigerators have been designed to line up with the end of the cabinets, they get to fit in well with most of the modern kitchen designs. In addition, you do not have to sacrifice space for the style since by going wider or even taller. The counter depth refrigerators can be able to offer the same amount of the usable space as a full-size refrigerator, without necessarily sticking out. Before you can be able to start enjoying the perks of an integrated design, it is essential to be able to measure the specific counter depth to be able to ensure that the fridge is well aligned.

One thing that you will find About Counter Depth Refrigerator in side by side, the French door or even the top/bottom- the freezer refrigerator which is narrower to offer you more space in the small kitchen. So what exactly does the counter-depth mean? It does mean that you get the sleek look that you want with much storage, while at the same time minimizing disruptions in the workflow. This is especially when you have got one too many cooks in a kitchen. Please remember to ensure that you measure the cabinet cutout thoroughly. Also, keep those dimensions in mind before you decide to purchase one.

Comparison Between a Regular Refrigerator And a Counter Depth One?

About Counter Depth Refrigerator

The refrigerator does have the ability to make or even be able to break the current look of the kitchen. A standard or even the regular refrigerator normally tend to stick out just beyond the surrounding cabinets. But, the traditional one flushes with the surrounding cabinetry and also the countertops. This is not only the difference there are other differences About Counter Depth Refrigerator and standard refrigerator.


It is going to give you the best appearance. It does win all the time as a result of their inbuilt look. Such refrigerators tend to blend nicely into the rest of the cabinetry. Well, this does not butt out into a kitchen space and also be covered with cabinet door panels simply to be able to disguise them further. Usually, the high-end kitchen does feature such refrigerator. On the other hand, the regular one comes with a normal look. On the other hand, the regular ones do come with a normal look.


The size does matter a lot. The counter depth refrigerators are usually bigger in terms of size than regular refrigerators. The regular refrigerator is smaller in relation to this one, as the regular ones are usually shallower. It can be a great problem for the ones who need bigger refrigerators that come with a large storage capacity. The regular refrigerators are suitable for small families. If you are dealing with a large family or even if you small restaurant then you can need such refrigerators.


If the budget is limited, then you may not be able to buy as they are a bit expensive than the regular ones. The cost can be a drawback to counter-depth versions. As these refrigerators do come with a high-end option, so normally these ones are a bit costly. Price usually range begins from $1400-$3600 or even more. You can be able to get some discounts on the various online shops, so if you get to buy from online, you can be able to save some money.

Therefore, users may not want to miss the few inches in depth. With an increased width, the latest counter-depth refrigerators also tend to provide customer greater height. This does offer a useful use of the space. For some of the people, the regular refrigerators are very convenient. But, the counter depth refrigerators come with double door units. It does have the freezer on its one side and the other side of the refrigerator is available for some fresh food that will offer the best appearance of being inbuilt.

The biggest drawback is the price of this refrigerator; usually, this refrigerator tends to cost more than the standard ones. But, don’t forget that it is going to offer you the best facilities than normal.

Wondering about counter-depth refrigerator installation? We got you covered. When installing the counter depth units, you may need to ensure that there is enough clearance so that the door can be able to swing open. This does mean that the doors can stick out a little beyond the cabinets. The cabinet depth refrigerator is a bit expensive as stated above in relation to the standard refrigerators. The counter depth refrigerators have been designed to offer the kitchen a more streamlined appearance. However, they tend to jut out slightly past a counter, it is enough to be able to hinder the look of the kitchen or even the walking space around it.

Why Should You Choose a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

About Counter Depth Refrigerator

One thing you will notice about Counter Depth Refrigerator is that they are becoming increasingly common in very many homes. A counter-depth refrigerator is a full-sized model that has a design to flush with the kitchen’s cabinetry once it is installed. Such refrigerators get to vary in terms of capacities, depths as well as styles as do the kitchen cabinets. Most of the models are usually about 25 inches deep. This style of the refrigerator does offer very many benefits:


The main reason why people install the counter-depth refrigerators into their kitchens is for the aesthetic value that they provide. As they are flush with the kitchen cabinets, they do not look bulky. This is especially the fact that they are protruding into the kitchen’s floor space. Also, you can be able to add some custom finishes to the front of some models. This is to be able to seamlessly match the refrigerator with the rest of the kitchen.


One of the benefits of the counter-depth refrigerators, and especially in the smaller kitchens, is space that they tend to save. Few inches of the extra space that they offer can be able to make a big difference. This is in being able to create more room for the traffic flow, artwork on the wall and also furniture.


To be able to compensate for lack of depth, such refrigerators are often wider than the standard depth models. This can be able to allow for storage of the wide trays. Also, other objects that may not be possible to easily store in the standard refrigerators. Shorter depth does allow for storage of the wide trays as well as other objects that may not be possible to store in the standard refrigerators. Shorter depth usually does allow for easier access to the food, and especially items in the back.

Counter depth refrigerators have been designed to be able to look like they were made for your kitchen. When they are correctly installed, they usually slide well into their little nook, the sitting flush with the cabinetry so that you almost do not notice it is there. Well, they are aesthetical please and they offer your kitchen a more polished feel. Even in versions with the same capacity, you will be able to get a bit more space in width. If you are always trying to fit cold cut platters or even pizza boxes in the fridge, this can be a plus for you.

Aesthetics that runs flush with cabinetry is among its pros. Flush mount design usually tends to save close to 6 inches of the kitchen space, and this is not including protruding handles. 6 inches cannot seem a lot, unless you do have a small work area or fridge faces an appliance, including the dishwasher or even the stove with a door which does lack enough room to the dropdown. When talking about a counter-depth refrigerator, you cannot fail to mention the sleekness factor.

How Should You Choose a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

When you are choosing the counter depth refrigerators, there are some key factors that you will need to consider. Here are some of them:

Size: Measure dimensions, (Width, height, and depth) of space that you have to place refrigerator. Get to subtract 1 inch from the top and the sides to allow for the clearance. This is going to tell you the largest dimensions that you consider for the new appliance. Do not forget to leave enough space for the doors without hitting the nearby cabinet wall or even appliance. Split the doors such as on the side by side models tend to require less space.

Get to consider how much space you are going to need to store the food. For the households with up to three people, refrigerator providing 18-22 cubic feet capacity is enough. For the larger households, the capacity of 22 cubic ft. – 26 cubic ft. is typical. The refrigerators should remain 2/3 full at all the times to operate well, having a refrigerator which is too large is not ideal for this reason.

Storage: As you consider how much the capacity that you need, you will need to think about the storage needs as far as what the items that you will go to fit. For instance; if you get to drink a lot of the canned beverages there may be a need for special rack or dispenser for such beverages. Also, in case you are going to have jars, cans or even bottle with the liquids can help contain the spills.

If you do want large surface area or you want to see through the shelves, the tempered glass shelves are better options than the coated wire shelves. In case you do have various sizes of the items or need to be able to fit in something extra-large, the adjustable shelves help to assure that you can be able to maximize space and also fit in taller items. The half shelves can help in getting just the right configuration.

Style: There are some of the counter-depth refrigerators that are the top mount models with the freezer on top, while others are bottom mount as well as some of them being side by side. Usually, side by side model does offer the doors which do not require as much clearance and are a bit lightweight. The freezers on the top put freezer at the eye level and refrigerated items lower, while the bottom-mounted freezers get to reverse this by putting the refrigerated items at the eye level.

There are a wide variety of finishes provided that can easily complement other appliances as well as the overall décor of the kitchen. For the most flexibility, the counter-depth refrigerator that does accept the custom panels is very ideal.

We have discussed in details the factors that you will need to consider while purchasing a counter-depth refrigerator. One of the most popular features to consider is having ice and water access indoor so that you can be able to get ice or even water without having to open the refrigerator door. For excellent and best tasting water, the model which includes a filter is very ideal. There is no doubt that there are other features that you will need to consider, from the easy access doors which allow you to easily retrieve frequently used items without having to necessarily open the refrigerator, to television built into a door.

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